Two dramas and the new single
I planned to write every day, but I just didn't feel like so I'll write if I want to:)
Since the previous post, two dramas have been announced. Tatchan's "Boys On The Run" and Yuichi's "Mostly Crying".
Both is based on a manga, and since I really like mangas, I read both two.
I really liked the second one. The author is the same, who drew Kuragehime. And I really love that. And I find this manga very similar. But I still think that the drawing is a little weird.
And I started to read Boys on the run. But it was terrible! I saw from the drawing, that it is a seinen. But I read good ones too, so i thought it won't be a problem. But it's the worst type of seinen. I hoped it will be better, but it didn't. The story, the sweat, the blushes, all the disgusting things.  I couldn't read more than one chapter. 

And the new single. It's called To The Limit. I had already ordered the Limited Edition on CDJapan. The next day, the covers were revealed and I love it. It's just so perfect.... They are just laying there and watching. And their poses are *0*... So yes. But today, I heard the preview. Ind everyone is saying, that it's perfect, but I didn't like it very much. I know, that later, I will love it, but now... I don't know. It was like this with Lock on too. I started to like KAT-TUN around the time, when Lock on's preview came out, and I remember, I didn't like that one either. And now I love it. So I'm sure I will love the song, but right now.. I'm not. That's all.

So, this is for today. I want to get a good layout and more icons so when I'll have time I'll search for them. Bye~

Yes. I listened it like 5 times, and now I like it more and more. For tomorrow, I think i'll be madly in love with this song.

First post

So, this is my first post. I really don't know anything about livejournal and I am really not good at this thing. It's scary~ Right now, i didn't customized anything and I didn't write any introduction. But. I promise that I will do something everyday.
I joined livejournal, because  
  1. I want friends, who like the same thing as me. Because people around me are not interested in Japan. They don't like the music, the animes, nothing. And this makes me sometimes lonely.
  2. I want to practice writing. In English. Because English is not my first language, and I'm bad at it.
  3. It seems fun.
So, please be patient with me, I know that I will make a lot of mistakes and I'm very shy and not good at making friends. So, if I do anything wrong, please don't be angry. I didn't do that on purpose. I just don't know. So feel free to correct me. But I will do my best, read every info, and try to do only good things.

Oh my, I really don't like Introduction posts, but if I want friend, I have to do them. Why??
What I will do now, is to write down the thing I like. Yes, it's very important.
So, that's for today, Bye

Ui.: Just call me Aya.


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